Why Investing In Yourself Is So Scary

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How many opportunities have you had to invest in yourself?

How many times have you had the opportunity but backed away because it was too scary?

Yeah, well, you’re not alone. Look around you at the people you know and you’ll see that most of them have done the same. But why do we feel so scared and intimidated by the idea of investing in ourselves?


Because it means that we have to grow. It means that we are choosing to put ourselves in a situation that requires stepping up and growing. This is scary even for the most seasoned self-investors.

You might be wondering, Why should I invest in myself? What’s the point of doing it? Surely I can get by as I am, knowing what I know, living the way I’m living.

Sure you can. You have every reason to think that you can. But consider this. How often does life push you to your limits?

Most people and maybe even you, wait until life pushes you to your emotional and mental limits of comfort before you choose to address the underlying issue. You get by and cope with your current circumstances until life piles on with an abundance of challenge and discomfort. Then you experience some suffering for a little while and then you either break down or break through these lessons.

Investing in yourself means putting yourself in a situation of forced growth. And that means you’re investing in your potential. It means spending time in the mental and emotional gym training, developing emotional resilience, fortitude and awareness. It means breaking down old beliefs and forming new ones that empower you. It means challenging your mental and emotional weaknesses so you can find your strength within them so when life delivers those inevitable challenges, you’re ready.

There’s a belief that life is the ultimate game. No rehearsals, not practise rounds. This is it. Yet so many people struggle their way through it, trying to do it alone without the guidance and help from those who can help them, those who can help you.

What Does Investing in Yourself Mean?

Investing in yourself means putting yourself through the training you know you’re ready for in order to help you handle the game you’re playing. Ultimately, it gives you the direct experience of your actual potential so when it’s time to step up to the plate, you know within every part of your being that you can handle this.

It’s ok to be scared about investing in yourself. It’s ok to be worried that you don’t have what it takes to get through it. That’s the point. To realise how you see yourself and then have someone like me, guide you through to the other side where you find certainty, clarity and newfound self-belief that cannot be shaken. A self-belief that cannot be taken away from you.

So, are you ready to invest in yourself? I think I know the answer. 🙂

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