008 – Becoming Immune To Sensationalism

In this episode of the How To Do Life Podcast, I talk about how the stories and the media are not actually controlling you but they are doing something else. When you discover what that is, you can start the process of taking back control of your emotions and how you respond to the ongoing doom and gloom stories being shared. Especially, while in the middle of a global pandemic.

Time Stamps

3:20 - Learning to navigate the information being fed to us is important so that we don't buy into the fears of those around us, or the fears being fed to us by different forms of media.

3:45 - Does the media have an ulterior motive to fearmonger? Is the media making us feel a certain way? The answer is no. What the media is actually doing is hacking into feelings that already exist within us.

6:45 - Removing yourself completely from the media might help short term, but it is not the real solution. The hope is that you can develop an emotional immunity, to strengthen your resolve, so that you can exist in the world and not feel so affected by it.

7:50 - When you find yourself being affected by some information you're consuming, reflect on what it is about that that is triggering. What emotions is it bringing up? What does this story have in common with an area in your life? The story is actually showing you a reflection of some area in your life and it's trying to help you resolve the emotions around it.

9:50 - What I have found, is that when these things show up for you, it is the perfect time to work through it because it is standing in the way of what we want to achieve next.

12:06 - The sensationalism of the media is showing you areas in your life that still need healing. If you pay attention to the triggers and work through them as they come, the less you will be affected by the information as it comes and the greater immunity you build up to sensationalized information.

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