Who Is Giorgio?

Giorgio Genaus [jen-us] is a mindset coach. He writes, talks and listens, all with the intention of enriching the lives of those around him. Nick-named Giorgio Genius in primary school, he has spent most of his life pondering and looking for answers to life’s big questions like, “Why are we here? Why do we do what we do? What’s the purpose of this? Where do our beliefs come from?”

Giorgio Genaus

In 2009, after struggling with some health challenges, Giorgio started his journey studying and researching the mind-body connection and how human behaviour and psychology impact the way we live our lives. In 2013, he started consulting as a coach and a Demartini Method® Facilitator with the intention of not being just another life coach.

He’s had the honour of working with people from a wide spectrum of life, including;

  • life coaches
  • business coaches
  • counsellors
  • doctors
  • entrepreneurs
  • lawyers
  • single parents
  • divorcee's
  • parents struggling-to-be
  • aspiring actors
  • models
  • directors
  • photographers
  • musicians

No matter what walk of life people are journeying down, Giorgio has found that everyone has a deep-seated desire to empower and enrich themselves in ways that not only change their own life but also the lives of those around them.

For his age, Giorgio has been through a wide variety of real-world experiences, which have taught him valuable lessons that no university or college could provide tuition for.

A lot of the challenges he has endured have done nothing but enrich him with the knowledge and wisdom of experience. Some of these challenges include;

  • being bullied as a youth
  • leaving school early
  • dealing with a variety of health challenges
  • failing in business ventures
  • lacking meaning and purpose in life
  • navigating anxiety, panic and depression
  • moving through familial divorce
  • settling tens of thousands of dollars in debt

Through researching and studying human behaviour, psychology patterns, natural law and philosophy, amongst a breadth of other topics, he has developed a holistic understanding of what makes people think, behave and respond to life the way they do. Having the depth of knowledge mixed with his breadth of experience, Giorgio is uniquely equipped with the ability to help people navigate their obstacles and come to understand themselves in a deeper, more personal and empowering way.

Giorgio Genaus

”We’re taught a variety of subjects in school. From mathematics to grammar, through to chemistry, but no-one is learning how to use the powers of their mind coupled with their intuition to navigate life’s realities. The square root of 64 isn’t going to help you deal with anxiety or finding purpose in life. It’s the equivalent of using a screwdriver as a hammer. It sort of works if you try hard enough, but it’s not very effective. Once you learn how to use the screwdriver for what it’s truly capable of, you unlock a world of potential and possibility, enabling you to deconstruct and build all kinds of wonderful possibilities.

I believe that’s true empowerment and enrichment. It’s something that, once learnt and fully understood, can never be taken away from you.”

Giorgio Genaus with Dr. John Demartini

Giorgio Genaus with mentor 
Dr. John Demartini

Having ongoing mentoring by some of the top coaches and practitioners in several industries, including Dr John Demartini, Giorgio continues to expand his knowledge and understanding of how people can access their full potential, overcome emotional barriers and become a co-creator in their own lives.

He’s on a mission to show the world that you are not broken in any way. That you are perfect as you are and that once you understand, appreciate and connect with this truth, freedom and true power are yours to use to help you play in your game of life.

When he’s not consulting with his inspiring clients, Giorgio can be found reading, writing, walking, spending time by the ocean, listening to music, or going for a drive with his wife.