About Giorgio

You're probably wondering, "Who is this guy, and where did he come from?"

That's understandable.

I'd like to say that I was born with the unshakeable feeling that I was meant to help people. That I had a deep-rooted urge from an early age to be a mentor and a coach. That I was called to this profession from the very depths of my being.

...That would be a great marketing message, right?

The truth is, I actually didn't think I was cut out for this world.

The Trigger That Started The Journey

In 2008, many of my life challenges had come to a head when I began struggling with my health. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, hypoglycaemia, irritable bowel syndrome, and food intolerances, among other conditions. I was being put through various scans, regular blood work analysis, and countless specialist appointments to get to the bottom of why I felt so unwell.

This all became alarming when I was being diagnosed with depression and generalised anxiety disorder along with these various physical conditions. Despite relying on the various experts as the authorities on my wellbeing, something didn't quite add up. I started to feel like my diagnoses were becoming my identity.

It was all compounded when the doctors told me that the only ways to overcome everything was through using prescribed medication, heavy supplementation, and coping techniques. It felt like a life sentence of managing and coping with weaknesses and deficiencies. It was as if any possibility for normalcy or a comfortable existence were thrown out the window.

Despite feeling completely disheartened, my discontent and unwillingness to accept these 'solutions' kept me searching. So I started my journey into studying and researching the mind-body connection. I figured that if I'm wrestling with mental health challenges and physical symptoms, there must be some connection between the two. I was deeply intrigued by how human behaviour and psychology influence the decisions we make and how we live our lives.

Meeting The Mentor

Giorgio Genaus with Dr. John Demartini

Me with mentor Dr. John Demartini (and some extra hair on my  head)

While going through all of these challenges, I figured that surely I wasn't the only one who thought that there was some connection between the body and the mind. As it turns out, I was right. I was starting to lose hope until my search led me to the field of epigenetics, which led me further down the path. This is where I discovered Dr John Demartini, who became a close and influential mentor of mine.

Through Dr Demartini and his technique called The Demartini Method®, I learned just how much our perceptions influence our lives, our livelihood, and our overall sense of fulfilment.

So, I got to work. I studied his body of work. I studied the sources he referenced and put it all into application for my own life. It was the only way to know for sure if all this "mindset stuff" works or not. I wanted to understand what I was learning, not just know it and parrot it.

After years of consistently applying myself to the work to overcome my various challenges and obstacles, I found myself sharing my experience, knowledge, and insight with people who were struggling. It was happening naturally, and I was inspired by what I was doing. So, after overwhelming encouragement from the people around me, I finally began to explore the possibility of making mindset coaching a career.

The Doors Open

In 2013, with support from those around me, I started consulting as a mindset coach. I utilised what I had learned from applying the Demartini Method® to my life and to the lives of people around me. The intention was to be not just another mindset coach. I was inspired to share what I had learned from my digging into philosophy, psychology, mindset, human behaviour, and many other subjects.

With over a decade of experience, I've had the privilege of helping:

  • CEO's & Executives of multimillion-dollar companies
  • Mindset, Life & Business Coaches
  • Nurses & Doctors
  • Counsellors
  • Influencers & Celebrities
  • Public Speakers & Experts
  • Air Force Pilots
  • Lawyers & Attorneys
  • Nutritionists and Dieticians
  • Filmmakers & Musicians
  • Record Producers & Sound Engineers
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Authors & Writers
  • Also, mortals and demigods alike 🤫

...navigate various challenges in life, business and relationships.

Resisting The Call

What some coaches may not tell you is what happens when they're the ones getting stuck. In 2015 things got hard. Overwhelming. This was the year that a barrage of challenges lined up and put me along with everything I had learned through the ultimate test.

During the following year, I wanted to take a break to catch my breath and get clarity on where I was heading. I questioned what I was doing so much that I even tried to walk away from coaching.

Then something intriguing happened... I continued to coach without realising it. At every turn, I noticed someone wrestling with life, and I found myself helping them. No matter how much effort I tried to put into stepping away from coaching, I found myself serving people as much as I could. That's when I realised that there's no real walking away from this calling.

When digging through my past, I found that in every facet of my life, I sought to help people heal what they were wrestling with as a way to help them progress through their obstacles to the other side. I was even doing it as a toddler without realising it, which is a story for another time. Each path I followed, each hobby I was drawn to, each book I read, the conversations I had, even what I spoke to people about were all centralised around wanting to help people change how they felt.

When it's staring us in the face and seems way too simple and obvious, it's probably the very thing we're seeking. I spent my life up until that point looking for meaning and purpose, only to find that it was there the whole time. That, by the way, is true for everyone. It's why I do what I do.

Why I Do This

When I share with people what I do, I get a pretty consistent comment. "I don't know how you deal with people's problems on a daily basis. I've got enough of my own, let alone to be thinking about other people's issues."

That's a fair concern. Most people feel overwhelmed with the challenges that life throws at them. I get that. I've felt that at times. But I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than helping people — you — change your perspective on your challenges so that you can see them as gifts and opportunities.

I know that it can sound fluffy and quite marketable as a message, but it's the truth. I wake up each day with the belief that I have another opportunity to help people navigate life and understand the world around them. I get to do so while continuing my own growth and expanding my learning.

Coaching has become a growing trend and is attracting many characters into the field. But like most trends, the temporary visitors will come out in the wash, and those of us who are dedicated to the journey won't be going anywhere. Take it from someone who tried to walk away from it and failed.

With over a decade of experience, inspiring client stories, and a growing slate of personal achievements, I've learned that mindset is everything. I aim to help as many people as I can experience and understand this insight for themselves. I wouldn't be where I am today without doing all the mindset work I have done to date. The thousands of hours I have spent working through mindset has only deepened my certainty about how much our mindset dictates our lives.