003 – Procrastination

In this episode of the How To Do Life Podcast, I show you the common causes of procrastination, how to overcome them, and the powerful question you can ask yourself the next time you encounter procrastination.

1:06 - What is Procrastination? The way I like to define it: Something we perceive to be too big a task to overcome.

5:29 - Chunk it down! Just the thought of a book without chapters is intimidating. Consider where you can start to break down that seemingly huge task into more manageable components.

9:24 - What does it actually mean to you to get the task done? You may have a fear about what it means to complete the task.

11:55 - Here's how to start understanding your fears and learning how to work through them.

14:29 - Maybe your procrastination is not caused by fear. It's possible that you might not be aligned with the task you're procrastinating on. That's okay. Find someone who is! Delegate it to them.

17:51 - When you find yourself procrastinating, I want you to ask yourself this question, "What is it about this that feeling challenging?"

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