Need some more certainty that you're in the right place? Here is some of what clients have had to say.

"Before I came to Giorgio, I had already been through another mindset coach, but I went away not having the tools/skills how to apply them to my life or any situation I was in. I still felt stuck where I was in my life. When I had my first session with Giorgio, I didn't even know where to begin, what to talk about because I was so lost, and where do I even began because it was everything and anything. But as Giorgio promised, when I didn't know where to begin, he knew the right questions to ask. In every session, he peeled away each layer by layer, to get to the root of my issues. 

I felt safe talking to him about a wide range of topics and always finished every session feeling so much lighter emotionally and mentally. Giorgio is like a magic wizard and a wise "old" man who has the answers to everything! He has helped me change my perceptions of so many things and given me the skills to handle any situations I might find myself in. Thank you Giorgio, so grateful our paths crossed."


"I worked with Giorgio for 3 months doing one on one sessions.

Giorgio is nothing short of incredible. My gratitude for what Giorgio has done for me cannot even be explained. I just can’t believe how long I was living in a way that was so toxic, with horrible beliefs about myself (and about life) before working with Giorgio. Someone even said to me yesterday: you haven’t been this happy since you were 19!  Giorgio is truly unique and I will be forever grateful.

Giorgio has guided me and helped me heal from past relationships, overcome financial guilt, change old, stubborn perceptions, heal childhood trauma, grow my wealth…and the list goes on!

Working with Giorgio lead me to move out of a place where I felt lost, stuck, overwhelmed, depressed and unable to take any steps forward in all areas of life. I couldn’t believe the emotions and beliefs Giorgio was able to help me shift. This has significantly changed week by week after Giorgio helped me work through it all. The changes in my perception and my life since seeing Giorgio regularly are so significant that people around me have noticed and congratulated me on the progress I’ve made.

This is the result after only 3 months of working with Giorgio one on one - I can’t even imagine what 12 months would bring!

I have spoken to coaches in the past but I never found one that I could comfortably open up to. Giorgio made me feel comfortable, safe and protected. I could be completely raw with him.

Stumbling across Giorgio’s instagram page was hands down the best thing that happened to me in 2021.

I now tell friends who are facing life challenges or are simply feeling lost, confused or flat: the biggest gift you can give yourself is to work with Giorgio Genaus."


"After trying various different therapists and been told how to ‘live with anxiety’, Giorgio was a reassuring breath of fresh air. Giorgio was always genuine, caring and committed to help me navigate and resolve my anxiety. His ability to change my perception and teach me about balance has changed my outlook on life. Giorgio has allowed me to live in the moment at ease and be myself again."


"Before working with Giorgio, I felt extremely overwhelmed, always stressed and lost in my emotions. I was guilty of falling into the victim mindset in different areas of my life and was struggling to find effective coping strategies. Despite my efforts to seek guidance from therapists, books and podcasts, I still felt disheartened and helpless.

After just my first coaching session, I felt instantly more calm, optimistic, and above all, empowered. Right from the start, Giorgio instilled a feeling of safety and trust, enabling me to embrace vulnerability in a way I hadn't before. With his supportive guidance and empathetic approach, I learned to find a fresh new perspective on numerous life circumstances I regarded as 'negative', which has allowed me to release unconscious beliefs that had been holding me back or still causing me pain. This has been the most impactful and transformative experience.

In just two months of working with Giorgio, I've noticed a profound change in my self-perception and mental well-being. I am excited to apply the tools he has taught me to life and all of it’s lessons as I continue on my self development journey with a newfound trust and confidence in myself. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to work with Giorgio and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking positive change in their lives and wanting to enjoy the process along the way!"


"Over the time I spent with Giorgio, we explored and unpacked a lot of my past events that had transformed me, and honestly, had taken a toll on my life. Events that were subconsciously altering my decision-making, perceptions, and interactions with other people.

Before Giorgio, I often felt heavy, bearing the load of my past and the pressures to perform and exceed expectations. Giorgio helped me to unpack each layer of my emotions and feelings, often leading me to discover and redefine my perceptions. Thanks to Giorgio, I have been grateful to feel comfortable with who I am as a person. I am able to distinguish between external pressures and my inner ambitions.

Following the one-on-one sessions with Giorgio, I continue to see the work I have done with him in practice. Every now and again, I find myself in awe at how I have handled a situation differently, reflected on my abilities to change the outcome, and feel more at peace after.

Highly recommend spending time with Giorgio. He truly cares for his clients and, I have seen firsthand how that care has helped me transform for the better!"


"I was depressed, alone, anxious and incredibly lost. After some failed dating and a seriously broken heart. I used to party, smoke and drink all the time just to numb feeling shitty. I wouldn’t allow myself to be vulnerable, I didn’t want to feel deep emotions, pushing people away and isolating myself cause it was “easier”. I also couldn’t cry.

Covid began and lockdowns were set in place. I lived by myself, but I was ok cause I liked being alone. But being left to your thoughts like that for such an extended period of time brought things up that I really couldn’t push aside any longer and it was undeniable that I needed to work on myself…

That’s when I started to work with Giorgio, and everything started to shift.

My perspectives, my emotions, my career, my social life, everything. Slowly but surely one by one I took baby steps into becoming a better version of me.

I surrounded myself with incredibly inspiring people, I culled people that just made me feel empty. I started making healthier life choices, getting back into an active lifestyle, taking care of my body and health. I started to prioritise the friends in my life that I was neglecting, the people that were always there for me even when I was in the thick of the shit.

I finally found love! Someone that I deserve, someone that makes me undeniably happy whilst also inspiring me, driving me and pushing me into being even better than I could have imagined.

I also stopped smoking (I quit cold turkey 😆) and left my old life behind me.

The list of changes goes on…

But I couldn’t have done it without Giorgio!

Doing the inner work is so incredibly important and finding the right person to be vulnerable with can be incredibly hard! I have seen at least 4-5 psychologists in my lifetime to find the right one. But we got there in the end and he’s been one of the best investments I have made for myself.

Jordan Simek

"Prior to working with Giorgio I was in a rut and felt like I would get overwhelmed very easily and not be able to acknowledge the way I was feeling. I would just push everything to the side.

I was referred to him by a friend who said "He would just be able to help you, I can't really explain it just trust me". I believe she sensed I was in a stressful time of my life and a lot of repressed feelings from the past were coming up and affecting other areas of my life.

Working with Giorgio has a good balance between fun and serious, and you leave each session feeling like you have actually learnt something or released something, compared to traditional psychologists where you just discuss your problems. You feel different after the sessions with Giorgio.

His coaching is very different but it really works and you have support to work through really difficult things that you haven't ever spoken about to anyone else, that will completely change how you feel and see even the worst situations and experiences".



Joshua Church

"6 months ago, I had lost my sense of purpose, I had no inspiration to do anything at all, I had absolute no ideas for the next steps in my business and then I started to work with Giorgio.

The work that I’ve done with Giorgio has changed my life in a lot of ways. The dynamic with money, my relationship, my business, my leadership… today I feel more grateful for the perfection of my life and my business and my life is now back on track.

I’ve worked with a lot of coaches in the past and Giorgio is definitely one of the best coaches I’ve met in my life. Don’t think too much, trust life and Giorgio and your future self will thank you for this decision, I promise ! Thank you for everything Giorgio."


Before I began working with Giorgio, I was in a place I had never been before. I felt weak. I felt hopeless. I felt useless. I could not recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. I wasted days and weeks in my own head trying to figure out where I had gone wrong. How did I end up here, in this relationship that felt wrong, in this place that felt foreign, in this life that felt suffocating? I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper and I couldn’t see a way out. I was reluctant to ask for help because I kept comparing my own suffering to others, world hunger, childhood abuse, rape, and I felt that my life was not worth suffering over, yet, I was unable to function in daily life some days.

I met Giorgio about 6 months before we even started working together. He saw my suffering behind my “got it together” outside appearance that I tried to maintain. For months he kept softly reminding me that he believes in me and he isn’t going anywhere. Turns out having Giorgio, just that one person, truly and soundly believe in me was enough to generate my desire to be better.

After 4 months of working with Giorgio my life has turned around. Even from across an ocean (or many oceans) he helped me to see that in my life that I felt trapped by, I actually had several paths to freedom. Not only did he help me see these paths, but he walked them with me, side by side, as I navigated my way out of my perceived prison back into the light. I am a scientist by nature, so speaking so abstractly is quite challenging for me. I appreciate facts, tangibles, and numbers, but there is no other way to describe what has happened to me over the last 4 months besides leaving the darkness behind and seeing the light.

Today, I still have work to do, but I can recognize myself again when I look in the mirror. I can feel my own power and my own endurance to continue to improve. I wake up with my alarm every morning instead of lying in bed for hours. I eagerly get stuff done around the house instead of dragging out the small things over days or weeks. I feel like a team player to my husband again instead of feeling like his child. Every aspect of my life has gotten better.

I will forever be grateful to Giorgio for not giving up on me, but seeing my light even when I could not, and for guiding me out of the darkest place that I have ever seen. I will forever be a student of his as long as he will have me.

Stacy Cappadona

"Giorgio has been instrumental in changing not only how I feel, but how I view and engage with the world. The lessons I have learnt from Giorgio, the frameworks, the conversations and the questions have shifted me out of a state of constant sadness, to a state of empowerment and liberation. With what Giorgio has taught me I value myself more than ever, I feel in control more than ever and I am grateful more than ever.

What makes Giorgio special is not just what he teaches, but how. He is always honest, always direct, never bullshits, avoids jargon, and is personable. He uses real stories and metaphors to bring concepts to life that at first, may feel impossible or untouchable, but become tangible and actionable. He always has time for you, never makes you feel rushed, and always makes you feel heard. He remains objective, never veering into subjectivity with opinions. And he pushes you to places where an “aha” is sometimes all you need for drastic change to occur.

I will be forever grateful for what Giorgio has brought into my life, lightness, clarity, and empowerment."

LUCY Batchelor

"Giorgio gave me one of the greatest gifts, discovering the balance in life. Trauma is not one-sided. In every moment of life, there is a positive and a negative. When we look through this lens, we are able to choose our challenges consciously. Through this discovery, I have been able to accelerate the healing and transformation in life. It spilled into every area, as a mother, a friend, a partner, and a coach, it allowed me to show up even more powerfully. I am forever grateful for his knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.”

Gabrielle B.

"Giorgio is an incredibly experienced bright person who knows a lot about human behaviour, psychology and business. I’ve been working with him for 5 months now (and still do) and he has helped me overcome more challenges than I can think of.

Before working with him I felt overwhelmed in my life and business and was losing a bit of interest in what I was doing. During the first two months, I didn’t really see where we were going, it was like working on very different elements of life and in a moment we assembled them all together, creating something that makes so much sense.

I really appreciate being able to work both on personal and business challenges with Giorgio and understand how everything is linked. After every session, I need my brain and body to process what happened in such a short time that has brought so much clarity to my life.

When I think of how I felt 5 months ago and how I feel and behave now, wow, what a journey! And it’s not finished yet!"


Giorgio is a ninja with the mind and has a way of ‘untangling’ illusions into clarity that has helped me make more money and, most importantly, better life decisions. I started working with Giorgio with the intention to increase my finances and how I valued myself in both business and personal life.

I earned my investment back and then some, increasing my pay by well over 30%. However, the real gift in working with Giorgio is how I perceive myself now and my self worth both professionally and personally. I grew leaps and bounds and wouldn’t trade what I learned with Giorgio for anything!

Jake Heilbrunn

I’ve been on a path of self-development for decades now. After a while, the material out there can start to feel stale or redundant. I was starting to believe that there wasn’t much out there to spark my curiosity. Working with Giorgio has expanded my awareness exponentially. He has introduced me to concepts I had never heard of and has helped me unlearn beliefs with indescribable ease.

I can say that there is a clear distinction in the way I perceive the world (and myself) since Giorgio has been in my life. I’ll call it BG and AG (before Giorgio and after Giorgio).

The best part of his coaching is how the lessons continue to show up, even weeks later. There is not one day where I don’t apply Giorgio’s concepts and techniques in my life. I feel this sense of quiet strength now, where I’m ready to face life with confidence and trust.

I will be eternally grateful for crossing paths with Giorgio and being able to learn from him. He has singlehandedly pushed me past beliefs that I was sure I’d never conquer.

Julie Valbuena

"In the course of my collaborative efforts with Giorgio, we embarked on a transformative journey that not only brought about a paradigm shift but also enabled us to navigate and conquer intricate challenges that had once monopolized my mental energy. Our partnership proved to be the catalyst for my personal growth, and the impact was profound.

With Giorgio by my side, we didn't just overcome challenges; we dismantled them, piece by piece, uncovering hidden opportunities and forging a path to success. He's not merely a trusted ally but a true mentor, someone I can rely on when audacious hurdles appear on the horizon. Giorgio's wisdom, expertise, and unwavering support have not only liberated my mind but have also become an authentic cornerstone of my journey towards continued success. His dedication to our collaboration and my growth is a testament to his passion for helping others achieve their full potential.”


I have always had confidence in who I am but it wasn’t until I met Giorgio and worked through my perceptions that the confidence turned into certainty. It wasn’t easy by any means - every session felt like a brain workout and forced me to see the truth in my past experiences which can be painful.

However, despite the discomfort during the process, I now feel more empowered to do what I want in life without compromising being true to myself.

There’s a sense of knowing that any challenge is manageable and a gift that will accelerate my growth and expand my uniqueness. Tangibly, I’ve also (somehow) saved thousands of dollars working with Giorgio and feel more financially secure than I have ever been in my life. 

With all that being said, I’d highly recommend working with Giorgio - but only if you’re ready to put in the work."


I reached out to Giorgio when I hit a point that I felt I no longer knew how to help myself. All the rational thinking, bringing in of consciousness had gone out the window and I was being consumed by my “issue”. At the start of the session, Giorgio asked me from a scale of 1 to 10 where was I at with 10 being the most affected, I answered a 9. At the same time, I was sceptical and wondered how well this would work. After an hour I was asked the same question, and to my surprise, as I checked in, my answer was a 1. I was blown away. Giorgio has a gentle yet very honest approach of guiding one through the process. I was impressed at how he was able to understand and capture what was needed to work through. He has since then continued to be very supportive answering any questions and checking on my progress. I would highly recommend Giorgio. 

Magaly Arenas

I loved working with Giorgio, I don’t know if he felt the same way about me though haha! He picked up some issues I had around my late father.

It wasn’t until I sat down with him and ended up doing about 4 hours of the Demartini Method® that I realised how much stuff I was holding onto and even blocking out of my memories. I am so grateful to have met Giorgio and have the opportunity to work through some of my “sh*t”. 

He was sooooo patient with me. I was an exhausting client who didn’t want to face the reality of the situation but Giorgio persisted and I seriously felt a tonne of love from him. All he wanted to do was help me get rid of baggage and realise my potential. Giorgio, I can’t thank you enough. You really do put the client first and it’s incredibly rare to meet someone as genuine as you. 

Beckie Truong

The feeling right before a big presentation in front of a new boss and staff... right before the first dinner with your spouses parents and family... right before your first driving test, or maybe the third... right before you propose, or respond to a proposal. That feeling- of what feels like you're standing on the potential for a clear right or wrong response, a clear measurement you will be graded upon, but also, possibly, a clear way to fail. That feeling- of a big, deep breath, in preparation for something life-altering, became my day in and day out steady state feeling. Never breathing out, never letting go, never coming back from the "ledge".

I met Giorgio through a very good friend, someone I'd been able to share my struggles with, my constant gripping of every moment. She and I were able to connect through a desire to find another way to live, a better way to live and a better way to treat ourselves and others. She introduced me to Giorgio, and at that time, I had, what I perceived as, the perfect trifecta of "ledge-like" events. My job had just launched into a new realm, paving the way in communication for the enterprise, a college-mate had just died in an aircraft accident, and my mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer... I hadn't felt that big of a breath in, in a long, long time. I had already been holding it for so long, I didn't have any more room to breathe in. I needed to find a different way to move forward.
The work with Giorgio not only gave me a birds-eye view of why I was breathing in so deeply for each of these events, but we explored through the measuring sticks I was constantly putting up to my day to day actions. We shifted so many memories which founded my present-day thoughts and behaviors. We worked to clearly understand why they felt foundational, and how they still can be, but in an empowering way, not a limiting, trapping or unattainable way. I am learning the new value of taking experience as it is, a wonderful opportunity to learn and view who I am, who I was, and who I'm becoming.

The thing about breathing out... we are told to do this to recalibrate, to add power to our movements in a work out, to exhale all the toxins and built up acids, it's a relative "scientific" way to reset your body, to prepare for the next breath, the next movement, the next challenge. I forgot how to breath out for a bit, and it felt like it was suffocating me. The work I've been able to commit to with Giorgio helped me not only to re-learn how to breathe out, but how to breathe out in a way that changed my perspective on everything I experience. Every experience, life changing or minimal, success or fail, support or criticism, is one that I'm grateful for, they empower me.

Kevyn Lee-Anne

Giorgio is an incredible human being. Not only is he intelligent but he has a genuine care for his clients. Specifically, when it comes to balancing and levelling.

I have been speaking to Giorgio for almost a year and no matter how big or small the situation, is he always manages to balance me out. Prior to speaking with Giorgio I was an emotional / anxious mess where there was no balance, I was either overtly sad and anxious or overly excited and happy - it was draining and affecting not only myself but my friends and family around me.


Giorgio has taught me how to deal with the emotional and physical waves in life, instead of crashing, I’ve now learn how to ride the wave. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

I.V. (Social Media Influencer)

"When I began working with Giorgio, I was at the end of my rope and out of ideas. All conventional therapies had failed, my anxiety was higher than ever, & I despaired of ever healing or thriving. Although I was apprehensive & skeptical, Giorgio’s warmth & understanding convinced me to give him a shot. That was, without a doubt, the best decision of my life in terms of my healing journey. Things I was convinced would torment me forever don’t anymore, and I could not be more grateful.

The work is tough, but doable.


Giorgio will show you the doors, but you must walk through them. He is kind, patient, & capable, but he will call you on your BS when needed. I am honored to give him my highest possible recommendation."


Before working with Giorgio, I was going through some challenges in both my personal life and career, particularly with taking initiative, being proactive and prioritising. My partner had worked with Giorgio in the past and I could see first hand the growth that she achieved through this process. I was looking for some mentoring that was not in the form of typical weekly emails or videos, and I was intrigued by Giorgio's approach and tailored guidance.

In the beginning, I was a bit apprehensive as I was not exactly sure of the format and direction of the sessions but week on week I felt more at ease and open minded. I really enjoyed discovering the different ways to look at various situations and I felt like every session ended having learned something. Giorgio has a very calming, guiding approach and encouraged me to seek new perspectives in various scenarios. Each week, it seemed like there was a "lightbulb" moment where my mindset towards certain situations shifted and my issues/fears were alleviated.

I have taken enormous value from the work I have done with Giorgio and I feel so much better equipped to deal with the challenges I face. Giorgio has helped me to build long lasting mental tools and techniques to see each situation from a different standpoint. I feel more confident, more calm and open minded. If you are thinking about working with Giorgio, I cannot recommend it highly enough!


I started on my journey with Giorgio when my marriage fell apart. I had completely lost myself and had no idea where to start to re-build my life. The decision to invest in myself was made very clear after our very first chat. I am now well down my path of growth and self-discovery and I will never look back.

Working with Giorgio has totally transformed my life and the way I see things. I have gained so much knowledge, perspective and the ability to navigate through challenges in a way that i never knew existed. I now feel that I have the tools to tackle life and whatever it throws at me, no matter how big or how small the curveball.

I am so grateful to Giorgio for helping me break down my barriers and see what I truly have to offer in all aspects of my life. After every session, I feel grateful for these challenges and see them as an opportunity to learn and grow.
With Giorgio's guidance, I have successfully taken back control of my life and that is truly empowering.


"In just one session Giorgio helped me get to the bottom of what was holding me back in life. I appreciate his calm, centered, guidance through the process. He is clearly an expert in this!


I just wanted to say a big think you for your guidance this weekend, which got me through the breakthrough experience. Very much appreciated!!

Shirley Chiu

Giorgio really helped me to get to the core of my issue & use my intuition to figure out a solution. His program gave me the tools & perspective I needed to take action.

Margaret Scott

Whether that be rain or snow, we have all walked through a storm whipped into a frenzy. It hurts your face and forces you to watch your own feet, yet you keep walking. The perseverance to keep walking during the storm while staring at our feet has only two motivations: shame and pride. The shame of failing to get to our destination, social engagement, work, and not being tough enough to weather the storm. Or pride, that not even mother nature can hold us back. Pride and revelry that we know how to suffer.

This was my life before working with Giorgio. I was in the middle of my own life storm and merely watching my feet march forward. In a job that was not fulfilling but still hard and demanding. Unhappy to the point my emotions translated into and were weakening my marriage. All while being loaded down with ideas of who I should be, what I should be doing, and an identity reduced to a job title.

How did the process work for me? In reflection, far beyond any of my wildest expectations, and here is why. First, Giorgio didn't stop the storm of my life. He merely asked me to stop walking for a second and take stock of myself. Then, as you do in bad weather, you turn around when you are figuring out your location. Let the rain pelt the back of your hood, sort your gear, make sure you were walking straight, and think. This "turn around and take stock" method is the Giorgio method, in a Minnesota mind. He helped me stand up straight and look at what I was carrying, all the baggage of what I considered essential and what the world considered necessary. He helped me analyze my gear by dissolving and neutralizing emotional charges and then just assessing the equipment by facts. What is this story/gear? When did I get it? Is it still valid for the world I am currently standing in? Do I need it for the future? Can I leave it here and come back for it? Giorgio helped me apricate the path I have already covered and allowed me to map it. He also helped me analyze where I currently am and, using reasonable assumptions and logic, determine if this path will get me closer or farther to a future I value.
What Giorgio and the process are not. It is not Freudian reducing us to the whole of our subconscious. It is bringing awareness to the stories that run in the background of our brain and determining their usefulness. It is not positive affirmations of only looking to the future for hope and a plan. It is reflecting on your past, analyzing your current life/path, and projecting a future way using reasonable logic, not emotion. It is not a therapy of dependency or prescription. It is a therapy of empowerment and education.

Giorgio didn't end the storm for me; it is still raging. But he did empower me to keep what I need, leave what I don't, reflect on where I came from, analyze my current, and reasonably project a vector check into the future. I might still only be able to look a footstep into the future, but at least I now have the power to stop and reflect. To be the pilot of my life.

Matt L.

Giorgio is a master at breaking through the barriers of our limiting self-beliefs, and a genius at helping us to identify the connections from our past experiences that play a major role in holding us back in our present lives. In my short time working with him I have learned the importance of valuing myself first and my personal finances have never looked better! Applying the same steps in my company is going to have a major impact on my business success.

Anna Hartmann

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Having had a consult and attending one of your workshops, I am truly grateful for your experience, knowledge and guidance. I was so stuck on some major issues, from family to my greater purpose in life and you helped me push through. I will, without hesitation, be telling everyone about Your Genius and how it has transformed my way of thinking and living. Thank you, Giorgio!


I had a fantastic experience. I did everything in my power to be distracted before I got there. I didn’t want to face up to what I had to deal with. But, throughout the day Giorgio put up with me, which was probably the main thing and also facilitated a bunch of outcomes for me and a bunch of realisations that have made a profound impact. It’s now 3 days after the program and I’m having little ‘aha!’ momaents everywhere I go. Thank you very much. I can’t recommend Giorgio highly enough.


For those of you who believe that you will experience anxiety and fear for the rest of your life and need medication to get you through your day let me introduce you to Giorgio Genaus.

He has taught me about these emotions and how I can use them in a positive way. I never believed anxiety and fear would be in the same sentence as positivity. 

I have changed my thinking 180 degrees when I started to answer the questions he has presented.

I did and still do find positive ideas coming through and it stunned me. Do the work, you won't be sorry.


"Prior to working with Giorgio I was lacking inspiration in multiple facets of my life. On a daily basis, this loss of direction left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsure of how to move forward. Over the past 4 months, working with Giorgio has completely redefined the way I look at self development. He has peeled back the many layers of fog and supported me to reconnect back to a more authentic version of myself".


"I was in the middle of a life crisis that made me feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Even though I almost had lost all hope, Giorgio knew exactly how to help me. Slowly and surely I after we started to work together I noticed myself getting more balanced. Giorgio's wisdom and precision helped me to find back to myself and my inner resilience.

Sindre Jakobsen

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Giorgio on an issue that had been bugging me for some time. His insightful questions, certainty and determination really helped me dig deep, open my heart and find the inner wisdom I needed. I now have greater confidence in my own mission and vision. Thank you, Giorgio, you certainly did help me find my genius.