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A Guide To Navigating Life’s Challenges and Understanding the World Around You

Let’s face it, life is hard and just when you think you’ve got a grip on it — it gets harder. The problem is, no one told you how important your mindset and perceptions are. You were left to work it out on your own — for better or worse.
This book is aiming to change that for you.

Yes, that's right, another self-help book. If I could, I'd roll your eyes for you. 🙄

If that's what you're thinking, then I don't blame you for being sceptical. I think we're all fatigued by the amount of BS that exists online in today's age of "help me, help you" experts.

Here's the truth:

  • My social media following is small (tiny)
  • My email database is not filled with hundreds of thousands of people
  • I'm not featured in hit magazines, websites, mainstream media or popular podcasts
  • When you google my name, google tries to auto-correct the spelling
  • Basically, to the world, I'm a nobody from Sydney, Australia.


  • I've been focussed on mindset and human behaviour for over a decade
  • I've had the privilege of serving a multitude of clients to break through their mindset blocks
  • I've spent a lot of money on educating myself
  • I've had the honour of building a lucrative mindset coaching business through word-of-mouth

This isn't my attempt to impress you. It's me being honest and transparent with you. It would've been easy to develop all kinds of marketing terms and phrases to impress you with faux credentials, but you have a bullshit radar, and I'd prefer not to set it off. I respect you too much to do that. That's not my style.

So what's this book about anyway?

Well, after several years of developing an understanding and experience of how our mindset influences the way we live life, I decided to write a book. So over four years ago, I started the journey of writing a book on how to do life.

I didn't intend on publishing this book. I was writing it for me as a reference to keep coming back to and humble myself to what I was helping others work through. As this book continued to grow and develop into something of a guide to life, I had some people around me suggest that I get it published.

I resisted the idea and didn't particularly think it would be something people would want, especially when the self-help genre is already flooded with 'how-to guides'. If anything, it just felt like I was another expert trying to sell another self-help book that would sit on the some shelves and collect dust.

So while I wrestled with publishing this book or not, I continued to write and make it what it is today.

This, believe it or not, is about a third of the original manuscript.

The original turned into a bit of a beast, so I've decided to break it down into three volumes, each of which will come out over the coming years.

This volume: How To Do Life is the fundamentals. It's the stuff that I wish I was taught when I was younger that would've made navigating life's journey less tumultuous and maybe more clear.

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Here's a snippet of the introduction from the book:

One of the hardest things in life can be working out where you are.

Most people focus on where they want to go. They dream up some destination and visualise a promised land of fulfilment, inspiration and contentment. This presents a series of problems.

  1. You'll need a map to work out how to get to your destination.
  2. You'll have to work out where your destination is on the map.
  3. You'll have to work out where you are on the map.
  4. You'll have to know how to keep yourself on course.

It's said that life is about the journey and not the destination. What isn't spoken about is the importance of having a compass for the journey.

The truth is that life is filled with roadblocks, obstacles, distractions, drama and confusion, along with moments of getting stuck, cornered, burnt out and disheartened. In all my years as a human being and as an advisor to many people, I have found that when we're in the middle of a challenge, we lose our bearings. That is, if we had our bearings in the first place.

This book is like a compass. It doesn't specifically tell you which way to go or what direction you should face. It simply tells you which direction you're facing at any given moment and how you ended up facing that way. The whirlwind of life tends to feel exaggerated when we don't have our bearings. This book helps you find your bearings in the midst of your mind's confusing emotions, lopsided perceptions, distorted memories, wild imagination and insistent repetition. The moment your compass's needle finds north, everything becomes clearer, you become still and you find your bearings again, irrespective of how windy or stormy it is.


The insights, wisdom and knowledge in this book are not mine to claim. Throughout my life, I've borrowed many compasses from those who had one. Some are people alive in body and others alive in spirit. Masters of the past who have left their insights and wisdom in books and teachings. I've taken everything that I've learnt about life's journey from these great minds, mixed it with my experiences and turned it into the following pages. They helped me find my way, so now they, and I, get to help you do the same.

This book is your compass now. Take it with you through your life and come back to it as often as you need. I'm here in these pages for you whenever you need me. This book is here to help you find your bearings when you get lost and help you get back on path when you veer too far from the clearing.

Journeying through life without a compass makes for a confusing and disorienting voyage. Set off on your journey, just be sure to take your compass with you.

Here's a look inside at some of the chapters in the book


  • Know Yourself
  • See The Reflection Around You
  • Rewrite Your Beliefs
  • Break Through Your Illusions
  • and more...


  • Develop Your Self-Awareness   
  • Use Your Weaknesses
  • Learn From Your Mistakes
  • Make Fear Your Friend
  • Appreciate Anxiety
  • Stop Comparing Yourself
  • and more...


  • Listen To What Your Body Is Saying
  • Focus Without Exhausting Yourself 
  • and more...


  • Get Comfortable With Commitments 
  • Set Boundaries Without The Guilt 
  • Confront Someone You're Intimidated By 
  • Navigate An Argument 
  • Deal With A Tough Breakup 
  • Reclaim Your Power From A Bully 
  • and more...


  • Find Meaning In The Mundane 
  • Welcome Failure 
  • Recognise Yourself As A Success 
  • Turn Your Enemies Into Friends 
  • Brainstorm Ideas with Others Effectively 
  • Overcome Your Scarcity Mindset 
  • and more...

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Let me explain what this book is not:

  • It's not designed to be part of a bigger sales funnel
  • It's not a profit centre for my business (far from it — I'd be lucky to break-even on it)
  • I'm not using it to sell you on my programs. (Yes, I have programs that I'd love to see you in, but this book probably won't help get people enrolled in them.)
  • It's not my attempt to position myself as an authority, celebrity expert, influencer or guru

I'd love for you to read this book and get at least one idea, perspective change or insight that lasts a lifetime from it. Ideally, you'd get more than one, but if it's only one, then I'd know that I did my job of not wasting your precious time and money, and more importantly, contributed something meaningful to your life.

About The Author

I'm a teacher, writer and coach to leaders looking to find meaning and fulfilment in life. Having personally wrestled with anxiety and depression in the past, I discovered how vital mindset-mastery is to overcome these crippling blocks.

All of the insights, knowledge and experience I have developed from over a decade of doing what I do, is what has been the foundation of this book. I've spent over 4.5 years working on this book with continue refinement to make sure it's simple to understand, relatable and deeply valuable.

Today, I help leaders from all walks of life overcome their biggest obstacles using insights and techniques from a variety of powerful approaches. I do so through 1-on-1 coaching and through my masterclass program. Doing this work on a daily basis and being of service to the many clients and students I get to serve truly fills my cup.


Main sections of the book


Topics to explore


Years of work


A Guide To Navigating Life's Challenges and Understanding the World Around You

Learn how to:

  • Rewrite the beliefs that hold you back
  • Overcome the emotions controlling your decisions
  • Build strong, meaningful relationships
  • Shape your journey to be a fulfilling ride

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