Find Purpose and Meaning.

Finding purpose and meaning in life is an ongoing effort. What might give you purpose in your early twenties could vary significantly from what gives you purpose in your fifties. Regardless, having purpose and meaning in life is essential to being human.

Signs of Lacking Purpose:

If you lack purpose, it can impact different parts of your life, including your physical health, mental health, relationships and career. As a result, you might experience the following symptoms.

  • anxiety or panic
  • depression
  • despair and a sense of hopelessness
  • easily frustrated or angry
  • jealousy and envy
  • loneliness and social isolation
  • trouble connecting with others
  • no desire to exercise or physically move

It’s also common to experience physical symptoms from a lack of purpose, such as chronic fatigue, low energy, low libido or sex drive, fluctuating body weight, cravings and more.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Although a lack of purpose isn’t necessarily related to one single thing, when you find what might be preventing you from fulfilling your purpose, you can change your life. Unfortunately, people often struggle to find purpose and meaning because they don’t have the necessary tools to explore this part of their life.

The Power of Finding Purpose:  

When you find your purpose, you breathe new life into experiences. You become more mindful of how things make you feel and bring the colour back into a vision that was once grey. The journey alone can give you the energy and inspiration to get out of bed and take on new challenges.

Becoming aware of your purpose and discovering meaning in your life can help you build the resilience to handle various stresses and anxieties. It can also impact the lives of people around you, including your friends, family and loved ones.

People who find purpose and meaning in their lives become inspired to do more than just survive. Instead, they look for ways to develop themselves and contribute to the lives of others. However, it’s common for those wrestling with anxiety and depression to find it challenging to find meaning.

The emotional volatility of these disorders makes it difficult for meaning and purpose to be the main focus, but when you take steps to resolve these issues, you give yourself time and space to find what really matters to you.

It’s Time To Discover Your Purpose.

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