Perspective Changing Art

Here’s a piece of art that has a specific purpose in mind and that’s to show that by simply changing perspective you can go from seeing something as chaotic to seeing it ordered and beautiful. The cool thing is that you can only see the order and specific design from two positions. Every other angle makes the art piece look chaotic and disorganised.

This video caught my eye when I realised that. It’s the very thing that I spend most of my time showing and teaching people. When you shift your perspective on a situation or experience you can actually allow yourself to see the order in that previously chaotic experience. It’s extremely powerful and yet so few people realise it.

Think about it. The situation, experience or object doesn’t change. It takes place whether you are there or not, the only reason you’ll have a negative or positive reaction is because of where you are standing and how you are feeling at the time. But what happens when you change where you’re looking from? All of a sudden it’s not so bad.

Changing perspective is one of the most powerful things that you can do in your life. It’s why I’ve built this company. By changing your perspective on any challenge that you may be experiencing, you’d turn what looks like a boulder in your life into a stepping stone. If that happened for you, imagine what you’d be capable of achieving in your life.

What if you could turn every single challenge in your life into something that helps you on your path? Change your perspective and you’ll begin to see the order in the apparent chaos.

Look for the hidden blessings and order that is disguised in challenges.

Willy Wonka didn’t mail the golden tickets out to a random group of people. He hid them in chocolate bars for the people who were willing to invest in finding the golden ticket. If you invest in finding the beauty and order in the chaos you’ve already increased your odds of success tenfold.

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