004 – Documentaries & Their Biases

In this episode of the How To Do Life Podcast, I show you just how influential documentaries can be on your emotions and even your entire way of thinking. I also show you how to separate emotion from information so that you can extract a more objective understanding without being manipulated by 'movie magic.'

3:58 Understand that education can be informative without being polarizing. Be aware that documentaries are trying to influence you by making you feel a certain emotion.

7:12 The bigger the sea of opinions is you are having to navigate, the more it drowns out your ability for independent thought.

9:10 Emotional cues and tactics are often used in documentaries and movies to manipulate the viewer into feeling a particular emotion.

13:55 Consume the information but separate the emotion from the story to have a more objective perspective on the film.

14:26 It's all a reflection- If the documentary is bringing up emotions for you, you're actually experiencing your own personal memories.

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