Comparison Is Robbing You While You’re Awake

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You go through life finding new friends, acquaintances and idols that you compare yourself to. Thinking that maybe if you do things the way they do, then you’ll achieve the same kind of success that these people did. Whether that’s success in family, money, business, social success or physical success, it’s all the same. The constant comparison will stop you dead in your tracks on your path to your dreams.

I was on a call with a client who was feeling like a failure because she was comparing herself to a friend who she saw as ‘successful’. So whenever she attempted to apply herself to her business, she was unconsciously comparing herself to her friend. This is totally counter-productive.

Think about it.

The more you compare yourself to other people, the more you stop being your true self. You will actually begin to suppress the ‘real’ you in exchange for being more like others. Consider what happens in the future though. You may eventually do really well at copying these people but then you’ll be faced with one slap-in-the-face question. “Why would I come to you when you’re copying something that already exists?”

Now this question isn’t limited to businesses. It applies to relationships, both with family and friends. In fact it applies to every area of life. If you’re not bringing anything unique to a relationship why would they continue to hang out with you? They can spend time with the person that you’re copying and feel like they are in the presence of someone authentic, instead of someone pretending to be something they’re not.

Think about all this movies with the cool guy and his younger protegé friend who follows him everywhere and tries to copy everything he does. Everyone ignores him and pays attention to the cool guy. This is why.

The world appreciates and honours originality. Look at the leaders around the world. They have become leaders and successful in their lives because they have honoured themselves. Being themselves is what made them successful.

If someone you know tried to live your life they’d probably be overwhelmed, anxious and eventually depressed, so if you’re feeling any or all of those then you’re most likely trying to be someone else in some or many ways.

Consider this analogy. If someone you looked up to, ate broccoli but you can’t stand the taste of it, would you eat it because you believe that if you do things more like them then you’ll end up where they are?

Their way of doing things is the best way for them, not for you. Your way of doing things is the best way for you to live your life, not them. Honour your process and the way you apply yourself to life’s challenges. Let the stem-cell clinics work on clones. Go out and be you!

Every other person would fail at being you and you will fail at being them.

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