The Year’s Almost Gone – Instead of Making Resolutions Why Not Do This?

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Over the last week, I have received way too many articles about new year’s resolutions, goal setting and every other synonym for achievement for the new year.

They’re themed around intentions, chunking down long-term goals and in some cases, finding someone to hold you accountable.

Here’s the problem though, none of them gets you to stop and look at what worked for you in the past.

So, instead of spending your last days of 2015 focused on what you’re going to do for your next spin around the sun, try this…

Sit down with some quiet (or loud) music, a blank page and a pen. Have a think about what worked for you over the last 12 months. What made those things a success for you? and what made them important to you?

It’s really valuable to take note of what worked for you. That way you know exactly what to do moving forward. There’s no guesswork!

Think about it… you could set and try all these new resolutions for the next year and come to the end of the year finding that you gave up on half of them and the other half didn’t work out.


You could spend the next 12 months working at what has worked for the last 12 months. Imagine where you’ll be if you continue to work on what you’re already successful at for another 12 months.

To help, I’ve created a framework for you to use. This is free of charge, no money, no donations, no BS.

I’ve spent many years wasting my time with the next new thing that I’m going to achieve, only to find myself depressed and frustrated at the fact that I didn’t achieve what I had set out to do because I got caught up in the hype of New Years Resolutions.

Basically, I was falling for my own political campaign vowing all the reforms and changes, only to do nothing once I was done convincing myself what was possible. Silly boy.

Do this exercise and not only will you be in a more content place 12 months from now, you’ll be a guaranteed success because you already know it works.

So make sure you download the exercise and give yourself a few minutes to review what worked for you. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Here’s to you!

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