Stop Hiding and Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone!

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Sometimes you’ve got to step outside of your comfort zone just to see if you have what it takes to live the life you say you want.

Two weeks ago I was sitting in my fiancé’s office between her and her assistant manager while they were trying to decide who was going to attend an educational work trip in Auckland, New Zealand on behalf of their team. Due to a lack of decision-making, I suggested I toss a coin for them to decide and move on with life. Little did I know what I was about to set in motion.

As the coin was flicked into the air, it landed in favour of my fiancé. As soon as we realised that she was going to Auckland, I immediately remembered a program that I wanted to attend was being held the same weekend she was flying over. I checked online to confirm and suggested out loud that maybe we could both go to Auckland and I’ll go to this program. In all honesty, it was a little bit of a joke.

Two weeks later, through the use of simply asking for what I wanted, I had a room to stay in, a flight booked and tickets to the program organised. At this point, I still had no idea what I was in for. I did, however, know that I was doing something out of the ordinary.
Getting out from your comfort zone is like flying over the cloudsAs a result of that, I ended up flying in a world-class aeroplane heading to a destination that I hadn’t been to before. As we exited Auckland International Airport, we ended up getting in a first-class limousine transfer to the hotel. Total luxury! As we pulled up to the hotel, we were surrounded by luxury. It was at this point that I started to realise, but not entirely, what was happening. My dreams were starting to manifest.

We settled in for the evening and eventually crashed on the plush bed and pillows for what was going to be a solid sleep. Until I woke in total panic at 12:30 am. I was experiencing anxiety and panic as I had years ago. As I started to work through my anxiety I began to realise that I felt like I was totally out of my depth and was questioning my decision to fly to Auckland and attend this program. Then it hit home. I had been declaring what I wanted for my life for a long time, and I was finally being delivered the very thing that I wanted, and it freaked me out.

See, I thought I was ready. I thought I had always been prepared, but as it turns out, I wasn’t. Well, I believed I wasn’t. After working out why I was anxious, I decided to put the anxiety on hold and push it back to Sunday (it was only Thursday at this point). I wanted to go through with the commitment I had made to myself and to the other people who believed in me enough to get me there.

So Sunday had eventually arrived and the weekend was not what I anticipated (although in hindsight, totally expected). This is what happened. On the first day alone, I had re-evaluated and refined my business model and goals to where I wanted to take my business, I had overcome a ‘huge’ fear of public speaking and ended up sharing the stage with Dr John Demartini in front of a group of wealthy and influential leaders while I explained how I help people change their perspective and achieve freedom through my business.

Now that was only a small portion of what I experienced but will go on to say that I had gotten a last-minute upgrade to business class on the flight home and got to spend some time enjoying a mid-flight drink with my fiancé at the aeroplane’s bar while I reflected on a trip that has changed my life.

I learned a lot of lessons in a short amount of time. Some lessons that few people are fortunate enough to learn in a lifetime. For that reason I’ve listed some of them below for you, in the hope that you will someday realise these lessons for yourself;

  • Most people don’t realise the Climbing to new heights over your fears
    empowering influence they are having on the lives around them.
  • To grow, we must shed branches like a tree (a tower displaces air to make room for itself) – see picture.
  • You’ve got more power than you fully understand.
  • When you declare what you want in your life the world around you joins forces to deliver it. I saw the first-hand result of this.
  •  Anything that the universe throws at you is exactly what you can handle.
  •  You are more powerful and influential than you give yourself credit for.
  •  It’s not that you need to be more or less of anything or anyone, but that you have everything that you need, just in a form that is suited to your life at this moment.
  •  The people who you feel are most influential and powerful are just that, people. With fears and anxieties like you and I.
  •  Changing perspective can be the most liberating and powerful experience anyone can have.
  • You are worth it. You are worth asking for what you want from your life. If you don’t ask for what you want, you are robbing yourself of a fulfilling life and experience.

I cannot emphasise that last point enough. You’re worth it. You’re worth giving yourself what you want. You’re alive today because someone (parents or guardians) thought you were worth keeping alive. So go and live. Go and step outside of your comfort and discover what you’ve been holding yourself back from. It’s scary, but without fear, we’d be numb and would be living like robots.

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