Apple Can Change Your Perspective

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Another awesome video showing the art of changing perspective and seeing things differently.

Here’s a really cool video that apple have put together for there most recent global conference that was held in California. This beautifully depicts the point I make all the time – things aren’t as they seem at first. It’s totally a matter of perspective.

When looking at your life’s challenges it’s wise to ask yourself where you’re standing. What’s your perspective? Are you only looking at that problem from one angle or are you moving around, changing perspective and looking at the same object in a different way?

Picture this,

You walk into an L-shaped room from one end and from where you’re standing it looks like the room ends a few meters in front of you. So you judge the room as being small or average size. But if you take 3 steps forward you’ll begin to see that the room extends around the corner and turns out to be bigger than you originally thought. Now, the room hasn’t changed, it’s been the same size and shape the entire time. The only thing that changed was your perspective or view on the room. You changed where you were standing and the room began to change for you.

Now apply that analogy on a problem you’re having in your life. Except in this instance the room mentioned above is the problem you’re experiencing in your life. Try taking 3 steps forward and you’ll begin to see the same problem in a different light and in most probability, you’ll work out your own solution to the problem.

It may seem simple, but the power lies in the simple.

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