006 – Understanding Anxiety

In this episode of the How To Do Life Podcast, I show you how anxiety forms and how to resolve the root cause of anxiety, rather than simply managing and coping with it. I also give you a valuable exercise that you can use right now to start to transform your perception of anxiety.

Freedom From Anxiety Course: https://giorgiogenaus.com/freedom-from-anxiety/

Time Stamps

2:15 - What is anxiety? What's the difference between nervousness and anxiety?

5:05 - Stop identifying with anxiety. You are not an anxious person. You sometimes experience anxiety. Let that identity go.

7:17 - "Normalising anxiety" has its benefits.. but it can also keep you stuck where you are.

9:25 - Most of the popularized methods for dealing with anxiety revolve around managing and coping, but they don't address the underlying cause of the anxiety.

13:09 - What perceptions lead to experiencing anxiety? Not finding the value in the experience actually disempowers you and keeps you stuck in anxiety.

19:00 - Your fears are fueled by your imagination and your imagination is driven by your memories.

23:30 - When you change your perception of the memory that triggers your anxiety, you will no longer fear the same thing happening in the future.

25:48 - The difference between fear and anxiety: Anxiety is future-based. Fear is experienced in the present moment.

26:46 - Anxiety is trying to reveal something to you about a perception you have. Once you get your perceptions back to a neutral state, you stop fearing anxiety and unlock appreciation and gratitude.

28:15 - Trace back into your memory and find the trigger that started your anxiety. Ask yourself, "What about that experience was so painful? And is that perceived pain the truth?" This exercise will transform your experience of anxiety

31:39 - Myth: The more anxiety you experience before a performance is equivalent to how much you care.

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