002 – Feeling Lost & Confused

In this episode of the How To Do Life Podcast, I will show you why we feel lost and foggy and how to achieve unwavering clarity by not getting distracted by your emotions.

2:31- Why do we feel lost? This lack of clarity often feels like it popped up suddenly and without warning. But in actuality there is an underlying trigger.

5:19- The Dichotomy of Goals: How your goal setting relates to your feelings of confusion, boredom, and disappointment.

9:17- Fantasy: The perception of experiencing pleasure without pain.

15:55- When you're feeling foggy and lacking clarity, you haven't necessarily lost your inspiration... you just forgot it was there. It's hidden behind the fog, but it hasn't gone anywhere.

17:00- Try this exercise the next time you're feeling lost or confused. It's a powerful exercise that I use with my clients to help them break patterns and cycles.

21:26- You cannot achieve clarity by force. You achieve clarity by resolving the emotions that are creating your mental fog.

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