001 – The Truth About Self-Love

In episode #01 of the How To Do Life Podcast, I show you why a lot of the popular self-help advice you've tried in the past didn't work for you, the TRUE meaning of self-love, and how to actually love all the parts of yourself (warts and all.)

3:23 - Popularized Self-Love Myths: There is a lot of trendy information circulating around currently about the notion of self-love. If you've ever tried it and wondered why you still have challenges with fully loving all parts of yourself, this is a great place to start.

7:13 - My Definition of Self-Love: Your ability to appreciate and experience gratitude for all of who you are.

8:40 - Owning Your Reflection: Whether you're aware of it or not, this is a very common issue that trips up just about everybody. The things that bother you in other people are the same things you judge about yourself.

12:39- Treating Yourself: Is treating yourself a form of self-love? The answer might surprise you.

15:36 - Finding Blessings in the Trenches: This powerful perspective will have you finding gratitude and true appreciation for your challenges.

21:59 - Journaling Exercise "The 5 Why's": This simple exercise can help you understand the motivation behind your actions and emotions.

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