The Thing About Time

Reading time: 7 minutes

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There’s something about time that can have the most profound effect on us.

Questions in relation to time can alter how we live our lives.
For example, did you do everything you could with everything you were given? Did you spend your time wisely? Did you cherish every moment? We’re you able to stay present during the experience?

These are all questions that are asked with nothing other than time in mind. So what is it about time that makes it so important or vital or expensive even?

Do we spend our lives learning how to use it through our experiences? Maybe for some. I believe that deep down, deep deep down, we truly know what it feels like to use time for what it is meant for.

To know what presence feels like.

Think about it. Presence is the sensation of transcending (remove the limits of) time and space and experiencing the truth of the current moment. Experiencing time is on either side of that. Every moment before now and every moment after now. Without one how will you know what the other is or feels like? Without the darkness of black, how will you know that white is bright?

It’s strange because trying to understand the concept of time and truly appreciating it can only be explained by using questions rather than answers.

If that’s not confusing in itself then perhaps time is.

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