Understanding Your Relationship With Money

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Recently I have been dealing with a financial challenge that has forced me into rethinking my relationship with money.

Yes, I have a relationship with money, we all do. And it’s your relationship with money that determines how money interacts with you and how much of it you bring into your life.

What I came to realise is that my relationship with money has been lowering in quality. I haven’t been treating it with the respect it deserves nor the attention it requires.

So with a little help, I changed my perspective on money. Doing so required that I personify (give a personality to) money. It sounds strange but treating it like a human, a friend or even a loved one is incredibly powerful. It has had a profound effect on the way things are working out in my life.

So let’s personify money for a second. If money were a human being, it would have its own set of priorities or values. Just like you and I have. For example, some of my top priorities and values are;

  • Personal growth and development
  • Using music to help people heal and alter their perceptions
  • Teaching and educating
  • Business growth and development
  • Growing financial wealth

Now if money were to have a set of its own priorities, what would the top one be?

Helping people live an extraordinary and incredible life.

This is a finer detail that gets overlooked too often. One of the reasons successful people have greater 
financial wealth is because they’ve made the decision to do something extraordinary with their life. Which tends to be – Living their life, not the life everyone else wants them to live. This may seem a little abstract but think about the wealthy people in the world. Most of these people have lifestyles that are in no way ordinary. I don’t mean the lifestyle they have because of money (mansions, expensive cars, boats and private planes), I mean they provide extraordinary service to the world. They provide something that most people do not. They spend their time providing a service to the world and so develop a strong relationship with money.

So when money (still a person in this case) sees that somebody is living an extraordinary life, it naturally gets drawn to that person. There’s this funny thing that exists in universal law and it’s quite a simple principle. Where things are being appreciated, more things get drawn to be appreciated.

It’s the truth for all things, not just money.

Consider this… When you’re in a relationship with somebody, if they were to constantly tell you what to do, feel like they need to change you and try to take control of you, then it’s most likely they will want to avoid being around you, they’d be repelled by you and in some cases tell you to leave them alone.

So if you were to do the same with money (still a person in this case), it (he or she) will do what it can to avoid you. Simply thinking of money as a person that you want to develop a relationship with is quite simple. It makes understanding money easier.

Treat money with the utmost appreciation, as you would a loved one. Do not smother it with your attention like a new girlfriend or boyfriend, do not go chasing after it like you would a high school crush and do not get angry with it if money doesn’t do what you’re telling it to do.  Money has its own set of priorities and values. If you focus on doing what you love, money will have enough interest in you to come over and start to build a relationship with you.

Appreciate it for everything that it is. Give it the love and attention you would want to give to someone close to you and give it enough space to breathe. If you smother it, money will push you away. Focus on doing what you love with your life and living by your inner genius and money will help you live an extraordinary and incredible life.

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