The Art of The Present

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Some time ago I was in the thick of making a massive transition in my life. I had decided to embark on the concepts of overcoming old beliefs and forming new ones in order for me to be able to live my life instead of the one society had chosen for me.

During this time I was being faced with a lot of challenges from people around me (friends, family, etc.) and internally (that voice we all have inside our heads that sounds a lot like doubt). When faced with challenges, especially a lot of them, we tend to wish time would hurry up.

Hoping that somehow time would magically speed up and place us in the future where everything is OK in our lives. The problem with this is we end up slowing down time, not speeding it up. Think of sitting in the back of the car and asking your parents ‘are we there yet?’.

This explanation can get really deep, but let’s say for now the reason it feels like time slows down is that there is a lesson to be learnt in that moment. A lesson of presence. This lesson is being taught in the form of “first-hand experience”…

You feel like you’re being forced to slow down and no matter what you try, the time just doesn’t speed up. That’s what it was like for me anyway. Until I realised something, that shifted everything for me.

I realised that in order for me to move forward in my life I needed to become more grateful and open to the present moment and the situations that I was faced with. This was no easy task…but it was necessary for me if I wanted to move forward through these obstacles.

This meant I had to stop everything that I was trying and become truly present. I looked around my life and asked myself “What do I have to be grateful for?” I kept doing this until “I don’t know” was no longer an answer.

I kept doing this until I was more inclined to stay in the present moment than wish myself into the future that I was fantasising about.

As I became more present in my life, I came across something that completely inspired me. It’s a clock. An annual clock. It was the name of the product that got my attention… ThePresent. The concept behind it is to assist people in realising how SLOW time travels.

It takes one full year for the single arm on this clock to make a revolution and it uses different colours in to represent the season you’re currently moving through. Unlike the traditional form of time measurement, you can stare at the face of this clock all day and the arm will not move. It sounds frustrating but it’s really effective.

I’m not suggesting that this clock will solve your lack of presence. Although I’ll admit that I initially thought it would solve mine. It turns out that it’s entirely up to you to become more present and grateful in your own life. Only then will progress begin.

This clock now serves as a reminder for me to become more grateful and present, which has had a profound effect on me and the people close to me. Plus it looks great!

Being present is something I am currently in the process of doing again. I’m being presented with a situation where it’s more necessary than ever for me to be more present and grateful for my current reality before I can progress forward with my life. It’s hard but anything hard is worth doing.

When you take the time you deserve to become more present in your life. Miracles tend to happen.

You can also check out ThePresent video below.

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