Life Gets Really Hard When You’ve Lost Your Way

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If you’re exhausted then you’ve forgotten something.

Building and shaping the Genius Institute has not been an easy ride. I didn’t just wake up one morning deciding to create a business that helps people find purpose, and then start raking in millions of dollars while people queue at my door.

It’s hard. It’s really f*cking hard and there isn’t enough advice in the world that can prepare you for the obstacles when you take command of your life.

I’ve had so many people tell me that I must be a super-inspired guy because I live my life helping people achieve their desired success. As their words hit my ears, images project on the inside of my mind of the long hours spent writing blog posts, emails, sales letters, responses to enquiries, budgeting money, recording training, learning web development, researching and note taking. Not to mention editing most of the above before it’s published.

It’s tedious, frustrating and incredibly heavy work for me. There are periods where I’m so consumed by getting all this “stuff” done for Your Genius, that I end each night on the couch from exhaustion long before I intended. Sound like someone inspired to you?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work but I know that it’s building value. That’s the key. Doing tedious work is like laying foundations for a house. It takes a while and then eventually gets buried underground, unseen by the light of day or the eyes of people, but it’s crucial and totally worth it.

Does that make it easier? Nope.

I hit a point where exhaustion was no longer an option. I wanted to work out what was causing all of this and find a way to resolve the drudgery.

Then it dawned on me. It was the simplest, most basic thing, but at some point throughout the ‘doing,’ I had managed to forget it.

I lost touch with why I was doing all of this in the first place. It was similar to my issue with my wedding. I forgot why I was building Your Genius and what its purpose was.

This is basic, 101 stuff. But it’s usually the basics that everyone forgets and it’s also the basics that fix the biggest problems.

Next time you’re feeling crap about something that used to energise you, there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten why you were doing it in the first place. You get so caught up in the hustle / the dance / the doing that you’ve forgotten your way.

It’s like getting frustrated that you’re sitting in traffic. You’ve forgotten why you got in the car to begin with. You were going somewhere!

So my advice – stop and refresh your reason why. Go back to your map, check your compass, look out beyond the work you’re doing and remind yourself of the destination. It will give you more energy for the climb.

This blog post that you’re reading today is the result of years of tedious work that lead me to be able to write and publish this for you. That, to me, makes this worth it.

Find a way to love the tedious work and it stops being tedious.

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