Here’s Why People Won’t Agree With You

Reading time: 7 minutes

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What does it mean when the world around you doesn’t agree with you? Why are these people not approving of your opinion? Why are so many people resisting your point of view?

It’s quite simple, really. It’s because you don’t entirely agree with your own opinion. You’re not fully embodying your point of view. There’s a sliver of self-doubt in your mind and people are picking up on this. They’re reflecting your self-doubt back to you so that you can see it and then change it.

It’s like you’re trying to drive your car with the hand brake on. You’ve left the hand brake on so you can’t go too fast. But that makes moving around much more difficult. It’s time to drop the hand brake and flow through life with a greater degree of ease.

There’s also a bigger reason for the disapproval.

These wonderful people around you are asking you to take your message to a bigger and greater place than their ears and minds. They’re saying through their actions that the world is waiting for you to go to places that isn’t limited to them. They want you serve a greater amount of people on the planet. More specifically, they want you to go and serve people who are looking for you.

If they were approving and agreeing with you, you’d continue to go to them with your point of view, seeking their approval while the rest of the world is missing out on what you have to offer them.

So who do you want to share your message with? The people who are close to you that may, or may not value what you have to offer, or are you wanting to be valued by a greater amount of people who truly value your opinion and message?

Your answer to these questions will decide whether you stay frustrated at people’s disagreements or learn to accept that they are helping you on your journey to greatness.

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