010 – How To Actually Win the Day

In this episode of the How To Do Life Podcast, we explore the problem with morning routines, how they can become an obstacle, and the secret way to win the day, everyday.

3:00 - You may perceive that a morning routine is what will lead you to success, but you're copying what has worked for other people. Does that mean that it will also work for you?

5:30 - Those people found success because they were honouring and leaning into what worked best for them.

6:18 - If there is a "should" it's finding out what your rhythm is, what your ideal routine is for you at this point in your life.

7:37 - Honour what you're aligned with.

8:35 - you may also be wondering how you can "win the day".

9:00 - let's put into perspective what "winning the day" actually looks like.

10:30 - The structure of your morning does not determine whether or not you win the day.

11:45 - What the ultimate win in life is.

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