007 – Mindset Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

In Episode #07 of the How To Do Life Podcast, I'm going to show you the purpose that "limiting beliefs" serve a purpose, the best way to deal with your mental blocks, and how your memories are at the root of it all.

Time Stamps

1:00 What is a mindset block or a limiting belief?

2:50 The problem with labeling it 'limiting' or a 'block'

5:15 How beliefs are formed and how it influences your perceptions.

7:40 What you resist, persists.

10:00 Develop an awareness of your own internal dialogue and approach it with an understanding and appreciation.

12:35 Stop trying to out-muscle your beliefs.

13:30 Ask yourself, "Is it actually limiting you? Or was it serving you at the time?"

16:15 Your 'limiting beliefs' are not something you need to get rid of. Oftentimes, they present themselves because they're ready to be worked through.

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