What Does It Take To Truly Find Ourselves?

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I’ve recently been losing grip on what I thought I was wanting to spend most of my time doing. What I didn’t realise at the time was that losing my grip was exactly what I needed to experience so I could find a stronger hold on who I am elsewhere. I’ll explain…

Most of us tend to slowly inch towards a clearer image of who we think we are as life progresses. Some people learn about themselves at an extremely rapid rate while others can take their whole lives and still not know much about who they are on the inside. This is no exaggeration although I’d like to think it is.

For me, I’ve spent my life thinking I’d be a music producer, composer and writer to learn in mid-2013 that it wasn’t truly what I wanted to dedicate my life to. It was only a small portion of the grander picture. I uncovered a deep-seated desire to be able to help as many people across the globe to uncover their inner genius and the hidden world of opportunities that lie within.

So I ventured down this path. Scary as it was, it proved to be quite revealing to discover how in-tune it felt. Although it felt like I was venturing closer to my purpose and destiny, there was still a small part of me telling me that something was missing. What I was then faced with was the reality that music was an integral part of the way I want to help people. I had begun to disown the music portion of my life because I didn’t want to “waste” time focussing on something that didn’t feel entirely right for me.

This leads me to ask the question “What does it take to truly find ourselves?”. Well, what I’m learning is that the answer is buried deep within our heart/soul/spirit/intuition or any other word used by the world. It’s always there. Deep within. Who we are and our purpose is always there. Like the blue sky is always there. It’s just that clouds can make it difficult to see. Sometimes when it’s been cloudy for a long time it can feel like the blue sky no longer exists and we can forget what the blue sky looks like and even feels like.

Don’t give up the search for your blue sky. It’s there, I promise. If I’m able to get more and more glimpses of mine then you most certainly can. If you persist, your blue sky will reveal and prove to be one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.

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