011 – The True Cause of Perfectionism

In this episode of the How To Do Life Podcast, Giorgio discusses the underlying cause of perfectionism, how it's actually helping you and how to overcome it.

1:50 - Perfectionism is actually fear in disguise.

2:10 - Perfectionism is our attempt to delay dealing with feedback, rejection, or failure.

4:40 - When you're stuck in perfectionism, you're being selfish.

8:00 - Your brilliance does not come from you putting something perfect into the world.

9:08 - Giorgio's personal example of an experience that led fear of criticism

12:00- The only reason evolution and innovation has occurred is because perfection has been overcome and delivery took place.

15:04 - Don't get stuck in perfectionism - it's not worth it. - you won't get to the end of your life wishing you did it more.

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