What Mindset Coaching Is About.

Although it can seem like there’s a life coach on every corner touting their ability to change your life these days, there are still a small few who can help you access the results you deserve. Mindset coaching is about more than just, “Give me your money, and I’ll change your life.”

When you see messages like this, you might ask yourself, Why would I need a coach or consultant when I’ve been living just fine up until now? However, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want to improve, change or empower some area of their life.

It’s rare for people to wake up one day and say, “That’s it. I’m done. I did it. Life is exactly how I want it to be in every way.” Usually, people reach a level or an achievement in their life and then aim higher, moving onto the next set of goals.

You may think I’m here to convince you that you need a mindset coach or a mentor. That’s not what I’m doing. This is just a conversation about what it’s like to have a coach or a mentor in your life. Actually, this is more a conversation about what it’s like to have Giorgio (that’s me!) as your mindset coach.

With so many people becoming life coaches or business coaches it can be hard to distinguish one from another. Especially when they’re all over social media, selling their lifestyle to you. Most experts are selling you that they can change your life, make you happier and help you achieve success. Admittedly that’s how I advertised my services when I first started but I can’t guarantee you success.

My promise is to show you something infinitely more valuable.

What to Look for in a Mindset Mentor:

I’m not a fan of using the word should, but coaches and mindset mentors should bring value to your life. I believe your coach or mentor should be following a set of standards to ensure you’re getting value from your relationship. Below is a list of what I believe they should be doing to help you.

Your mindset coach or mindset mentor should:

  • Help you know and understand yourself (top priority!)
  • Help you question your way of thinking
  • Ask more questions than offer advice (the less advice, the better)
  • Help you understand and believe that you already have the answers and solutions
  • Help you believe you’re not broken and you are exactly who you’re meant to be
  • Change your perception of past events by challenging your story
  • Provide you with the tools and skills to help you think freely and independently
  • Help you develop self-reliance (yes, that hurts their pockets)
  • Help you navigate to places in your mind that you’re not prepared to go
  • Live what they preach and teach
  • Be humble to take on your feedback, questions or concerns about the results

Equally, having a set of standard to follow is useful. But having a set of potential traps is just as valuable. Below is a list of what I believe your mindset mentor should NOT be doing to make sure you get the most value.

Your mindset coach or mindset mentor

 should NOT BE;

  • Promote positive thinking or the concept of pursuing happiness (<- a big cause of depression)
  • Keep you on the phone to fill in the time of your consult (you may only need 15min. There’s no need for an additional 45min of noise and ego)
  • Pretend they have the answer to everything
  • Focus more on showing you what they know than getting you the result you deserve
  • Encourage the belief that something you experienced is traumatic, unfortunate or victimising
  • Impose their beliefs or opinions on you
  • Be more concerned with their bank account than providing you with what will help you grow
  • Waste your time with anything other than helping you get the results you deserve

Life is an on-going class. The learning doesn’t stop for you and it certainly doesn’t stop for me.

I don’t intend to stop learning, whatever the method. The truth is, I can only ever help you as far as I’ve helped myself, so it’s my responsibility to continue to learn and grow with you. The same is true for anyone you work with to help.

My Mission.

Any exceptional coach or mentor will show you things about yourself that you didn’t see before. That’s what I do. It’s my job to see your potential and then show you what I see.

Instead of describing what I do, my clients will describe what it’s like to work with me. They’ve said things like, he’s a coach but he’s not a coach. He knows a lot about a lot of things that can help you through life. It’s just like having a conversation with a friend who really wants to help you and knows how to.

“I reached out to Giorgio, when I hit a point that I felt I no longer knew how to help myself. All the rational thinking, bringing in of consciousness had gone out the window and I was being consumed by my “issue”. At the start of the session Giorgio asked me from a scale of 1 to 10 where was I at with 10 being the most affected, I answered a 9.

At the same time, I was sceptical and wondered how well this would work. After an hour I was asked the same question, and to my surprise, as I checked in, my answer was a 1. I was blown away.

Giorgio has a gentle yet very honest approach of guiding one through the process. I was impressed at how he was able to understand and capture what was needed to work through. He has since then continued to be very supportive answering any questions and checking on my progress. I would highly recommend Giorgio.” 


Imagine being able to look in the mirror and see someone different to who you see now. Someone who you love and appreciate. Some who inspires and energises you. Well, that’s exactly what I do. I help you change how you see yourself by changing your perspective instead of changing you.

Is Coaching with Giorgio What You’re Looking For?

Before you commit to a mindset mentor, join the waitlist to apply for a free, no-obligation 60-minute call with Giorgio. This call will help you better understand how Giorgio works and help you decide if he can get you the desired results. I never take in more than eight clients, so make sure to book your discovery session as soon as possible.