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The Most Comprehensive Guided Mindset Course That Breaks You Eternally Free From Anxiety, Obliterates Your Self-Doubt, Shame & Guilt - And Leads You to a Meaningful Life of Purpose, Inspiration & Fulfilment That You Can Be Grateful For!

Hi, I'm Giorgio! 

I'm a mindset coach with over a decade of experience helping professionals liberate themselves from emotional burdens, and unlock their full potential (through the transformative power of mindset)…

… and I'm so excited to share with you exactly HOW today!

With the rise of technology, social media, and now AI, our world is becoming more competitive and faster-paced than ever.

All of this is clearly taking its toll - as evident by masses of people experiencing debilitating stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, and other disorders.

Covid Didn’t Help the Matter

According to the WHO [1], in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, global anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%.

With uncertainty, competition, stress, and worry so prevalent, it’s now more important than ever to arm yourself with the proper knowledge and tools for an unshakeable, bulletproof mindset.

It’s the only way to rise above the chaos, liberate yourself from the madness,  and truly thrive.

But you might be wondering: “historically, life has never been better, so how are so many struggling so greatly with stress, uncertainty, and anxiety?”

Well, the answer is layered. But here are just a few prominent points to consider:

The school system failed, disregarding essential mindset skills to truly excel: The current education system neglects to impart the crucial mindset and life skills necessary to thrive.

Over-stimulation gives rise to overwhelm: In today's fast-paced world, we’re bombarded with information and distractions, making it challenging to focus or find balance.

Uncertainty is at an all-time high: Increasing unpredictability of modern life adds to the mounting stress levels.

Hijacked nervous systems keep the stress response firing: Constant exposure to stressful situations leaves our nervous systems in fight or flight - further exacerbating stress.

Unrealistic standards aim a laser at everything we don't have: Media's emphasis on unattainable ideals leaves us discontented, with little appreciation for what we already possess.

It Seems Almost Impossible to Escape…

Ironically, even the Self-Help industry inflicts vast pressure to capitalise on perfectionism.

It seems the new norm is fear-mongering, clickbait, and subliminal language to poke and prod at your insecurities - then reinforce a belief of inadequacy or unworthiness.

But Let’s Be Clear: 
YOU Are Not The Problem

While you may tend to blame yourself for feeling a little inadequate at times, let me categorically state that you are not the problem.

Beating yourself up won’t help anything - so let’s dig a little further and uncover the complexity of these issues, which so many brilliant people are having to navigate...

  • Have you noticed how even your favourite podcasters or influencers often use fear to get your attention?
  • Or speak of acquiring such extraordinary wealth (billions, not millions) you can’t help but feel inadequate
  • Does all this distract you from being present with friends and family, seeking out experiences, and actually living and enjoying your life? 

In all likelihood, you have, and it does. So if you’re in the habit of beating yourself up, it’s time to cut yourself some slack!

Of course you’re going to overthink, question and doubt yourself. While all this content appears to be great on the surface, the reality is - it’s just surface level.

It doesn’t actually teach you how to implement these (ineffective) tools for you to really experience the benefits. It overwhelms you with knowledge without instilling wisdom or experience.

And as a result…

Self-Doubt, Insecurities, Stress, Anxiety, Guilt & Shame Are Accepted As Perfectly Normal

If you’re anything like I was, you long to break free from the chains of self-doubt and anxiety. Those same chains that’ve been preventing you from fully embracing and pursuing the life you really want to live.

Maybe you’re hesitant to go for that life, controlled by an underlying fear - telling you to settle - weighed down by indecision. Or worse, terrified at the potential for failure or rejection should you really go after your dreams…

Maybe you feel guilty at the thought of getting a little assistance?

But you likely intuit your monkey mind is just playing its games.

Deep down, you know you could feel that you are worthy, that everybody needs help, and you absolutely deserve a life filled with meaning and abundance.

It’s Time to Embrace & Confront Your Inner Conflict.

Here’s the truth: You need that inner pain and conflict.

It’s where resilience and true character are born. It’s where you learn who you really are and what you are truly capable of achieving.

The good news is that with the right mindset, you can let go of everything preventing you from living the life you truly deserve.

With the right MINDSET, you CAN transform your life.

Welcome to The Path To Fulfilment:

Your Personal Guide to Mental & Emotional Freedom

The Path To Fulfilment is designed to lead you towards self-acceptance and empowerment - while providing you with the formula required to successfully let go of:









The  Path To Fulfilment takes you on a journey of self-discovery, shedding light on your inner struggles, helping you to change the narrative, and propelling you forward with newfound confidence to live the life you desire!

With a New, Powerful Lens of Perception, You Will Transform Self-Doubt, Shame & Anxiety Into Confidence, Conviction, & Mental Strength

Dissolve Self-Doubt through the power of mindset and perception, while gaining a greater sense of self-belief.

Overcome Anxieties & Uncertainty: Learn profound mental and emotional models to manage your anxieties - so you can navigate uncertainty with increased internal strength and resilience.

Shed unwanted emotional baggage: Give new meaning to disempowering past narratives, and change your behavioural patterns to set you up for true fulfilment.

Boost Confidence: The Path To Fulfilment instils confidence and conviction, equipping you with the mental fortitude to face life's challenges and pursue your goals with self-fueled determination - and a newfound inner power.

Shifting perspective: By healing inner-conflict in your mindset, you’ll start to see challenges or limiting beliefs in a different light. Your new lens will leave you feeling energised and empowered once again.

Here’s What A Few of My Clients Are Saying About Their Transformations During Our Work Together:

"6 months ago, I had lost my sense of purpose, I had no inspiration to do anything at all, I had absolutely no ideas for the next steps in my business and then I started to work with Giorgio.

The work that I’ve done with Giorgio has changed my life in a lot of ways. The dynamic with money, my relationship, my business, my leadership… 

Today I feel more grateful for the perfection of my life and my business and my life is now back on track. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches in the past and Giorgio is definitely one of the best coaches I’ve met in my life. Don’t think too much, trust life and Giorgio and your future self will thank you for this decision, I promise ! Thank you for everything Giorgio."

Julien Musy

"Giorgio gave me one of the greatest gifts, discovering the balance in life. Trauma is not one-sided. In every moment of life, there is a positive and a negative. When we look through this lens, we are able to choose our challenges consciously.

Through this discovery, I have been able to accelerate the healing and transformation in life. It spilled into every area, as a mother, a friend, a partner, and a coach, it allowed me to show up even more powerfully.

I am forever grateful for his knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.”

Gabrielle Brick

What’s Inside ThePath To Fulfilment?

A comprehensive 8-week program, thoughtfully designed at a pace that allows the learnings to sink deep into your subconscious - for profound, lasting change.

With over 10 hours of content broken into five sections, covering 11 lessons, each equipping you with key lessons and sought-after wisdom for a bulletproof mindset.

Not only will you be able to manifest the future you desire, but you'll also relish all life has to offer while welcoming its challenges, to live yours to the fullest. 

Each Lesson Includes:

A Breakthrough Video Lesson
packed with insights, learnings and mindset frameworks.

Live Coaching Playbacks
showcasing powerful transformations in action.

Downloadable Slides to ensure active participation & application of newfound insights.

Audio Downloads to listen to on the go - ensuring all lessons land in your subconscious for lasting results.

"Giorgio has been instrumental in changing not only how I feel, but how I view and engage with the world. The lessons I have learnt from Giorgio, the frameworks, the conversations and the questions have shifted me out of a state of constant sadness, to a state of empowerment and liberation. With what Giorgio has taught me I value myself more than ever, I feel in control more than ever and I am grateful more than ever.

What makes Giorgio special is not just what he teaches, but how. He is always honest, always direct, never bullshits, avoids jargon, and is personable. He uses real stories and metaphors to bring concepts to life that at first, may feel impossible or untouchable, but become tangible and actionable. He always has time for you, never makes you feel rushed, and always makes you feel heard. He remains objective, never veering into subjectivity with opinions. And he pushes you to places where an “aha” is sometimes all you need for drastic change to occur.

I will be forever grateful for what Giorgio has brought into my life, lightness, clarity, and empowerment."

Lucy Batchelor

A Breakdown of The Lessons Inside The Path To Fulfilment


Introduction - Welcome To Your New Path

In this introduction, I will provide you with essential information to ensure you get the most out of The Path To Fulfilment, explaining the key concepts behind the program and how it can help elevate your life.


Overcoming Emotional Blocks

Lesson 1: Breaking Free From Fear & Anxiety

Discover the truth behind FEAR, how it differs from anxiety, and the importance of maintaining a balanced mindset to manage overwhelm in any situation - personal or professional.

Additionally, you will discover the four emotional anchors that block your progress in all areas of life. I’ll show you how to navigate them, and you can watch as I help a student end their anxiety in real time.

Lesson 2: Rising Above Shame & Reclaiming Your Self-Worth

In this lesson, you will learn about the powerful role that shame can play in holding you back in life. You will gain an understanding of how small moments of humiliation and shame can have a lasting effect and, importantly, how you can release yourself from the shame.

Additionally, you will gain a deeper understanding of the various roles shame plays in your life, all of which will leave you feeling liberated, unlocking greater self-worth.

Lesson 3: Breaking Free From Guilt

In this lesson, we will explore the difference between shame and guilt and how guilt can hold you back from being your authentic self while disempowering you.

We will also examine how guilt affects your relationships, and, of course, you'll get to watch Giorgio help students break free from their guilt on a live call.

Additionally, we will explore how your beliefs can impact your life in the present and the future and how to shift them permanently. 


Mindset Mastery

Lesson 4: Creating a Life of Purpose & Meaning

In this lesson, you will learn about the importance of discovering a sense of meaning and purpose in life. You will also identify mindset blocks that may be hindering your clarity of purpose while learning how to develop that clarity.

Additionally, you will understand how your beliefs are at the core of all aspects of your life. And finally, you will watch me help liberate a student by working through a traumatic experience from her childhood.

Lesson 5: Getting to the Core of Procrastination

In this lesson, you’ll discover the truth about procrastination (that experts rarely share). We will explore what is really going on in the mind during procrastination, and how to develop a natural intention to take action.

Additionally, we will break down common social power dynamics, what creates a sense of intimidation, and how to overcome it. 

Lesson 6: The Secret to Success & Fulfilment

In this lesson, we explore all aspects of success. I help you redefine success with you, and give it a whole new meaning, leading to greater freedom in your life. I also debunk harmful myths about finding passion and motivation.

You will also uncover how to surmount a common but hidden roadblock to experiencing success - which prevents most people from experiencing their natural inspiration.

Lesson 7: Goal-Setting That Actually Works

In this lesson, you will gain a new perspective on goal-setting, and discover the role your time horizon plays in your ability to fulfil your goals.

You will also learn about the powerful influence of expectations on your mindset - and how to let go of feelings of disappointment.

Additionally, you’ll gain insight into what happens in the mind when you have a tendency to please others (and how to overcome it).


Next Steps

The Path Forward: What Happens Next

This is where we wrap up the core lessons of The Path To Fulfilment.

However, don't worry - your path lasts a lifetime. While this may appear to be the end, it's really only the beginning of a brand new chapter that walks you into a brighter future. You’ll feel liberated knowing your newfound empowered mind will always be your underlying operating system!


Letting Go of Self-Comparison

In this lesson, I’ll demonstrate the disempowering effect that self-comparison can have on all aspects of your life.

You will also fix the bugs of self-comparison, getting to the root issue of flawed perception. And how, by making a small change in your thinking, you can resolve and let go of self-comparison for good.

Additionally, you will learn how to experience a deeper sense of gratitude for what you already have in your life, thereby attracting more of the same.

More Incredible Client Transformations:

"Giorgio is a ninja with the mind and has a way of 'untangling' illusions into clarity that has helped me make more money and, most importantly, better life decisions.

I earned my investment back and then some, increasing my pay by well over 30%. However, the real gift is how I perceive myself now and my self-worth, both professionally and personally. I grew leaps and bounds and wouldn't trade what I learned with Giorgio for anything!"

Jake Heilbrunn

"I can say that there is a clear distinction in the way I perceive the world (and myself) since Giorgio has been in my life. I'll call it BG and AG (before Giorgio and after Giorgio)."

Julie Valbuena

Meet Your Mindset Coach, Giorgio Genaus

While I'd love to tell you this has always been my calling, the reality is a little different:

Born from a profound journey of personal struggles, I discovered the transformative power of mindset out of necessity.

In 2008, I faced severe health challenges and a barrage of diagnoses that left me struggling with anxiety and depression. While I sought help, I found traditional 'solutions' weren't helping at all.

Desperate for a reprieve, I set off on a journey of discovery to find real solutions

I delved deep into the mind-body connection, discovered epigenetics, and under the mentorship of Dr John Demartini, I uncovered the profound impact of mindset and perception on our lives, livelihood, and our overall sense of fulfilment.

It was through my own growth and transformation (and natural inclination to help others) that guided me to become a mindset coach.

With over a decade of experience, I've empowered CEOs, coaches, nurses, influencers, and countless others to powerfully navigate life's toughest challenges - all through the power of mindset.

As a teacher, student, and practitioner, I understand that mindset is the key to overcoming obstacles and embracing life's opportunities.

Today, I'm excited to share exactly HOW you can master your mind and liberate yourself from stress, shame, and other anxieties for profound fulfilment.

Get These Incredible Bonuses When You Enrol Today:


The Freedom From Anxiety Course

An in-depth 4-part program to help you take full control of your anxiety and reclaim your confidence once and for all.

Value: $147



A Live Group Coaching Call With Me Via Zoom

Experience what it’s like to be on a live group call with Giorgio, witnessing transformations take place and even sharing an experience of your own.

Value: $497



A Hardcopy of Giorgio’s How To Do Life Book

This incredible book will serve as a constant guide and companion to helping you better navigate life’s challenges and better understand the world around you.

Value: $30


Is The Path To Fulfilment for You?

Truth is, The Path To Fulfilment is NOT for everyone. So to help you decide if it’s for you, you can assess your current mindset and see for yourself.

The Path To Fulfilment is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick-fix
  • You’re a self-help junkie who never takes action
  • You’re not open to looking at your life through a different lens
  • You have a fixed mindset
  • You do not accept responsibility for your future
  • You do not believe you can change

The Path To Fulfilment is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

  • You’re sick & tired of surface-level fluff
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You are simply unwilling to settle
  • You know you are the captain of your ship
  • You want to create an extraordinary life for yourself & your loved ones
  • You want to level up & experience true freedom
  • You’re sick & tired of ineffective tools/surface level work

Are You Ready To Elevate Your Life & Mindset?

I’ve never been a fan of the hard sell. I don’t want to prey on your insecurities. I’ve been there, and I empathise with your current mindset and internal struggles.

The reality is… Every day that goes by is another that robs you of true fulfilment on your journey.

In all likelihood, you know there’s work to be done "under the hood", but you haven’t yet taken the time to do it…

Primarily because, on the outside, life looks pretty good. You make good money, and you're advancing in your career, and yet, still, something doesn't feel right.

And each day, that internal barometer screams louder and louder. Unfortunately, the more you suppress it, the more likely you are to end up more unhappy, stressed, and full of indecision.

The Path To Fulfilment is your path forward - to a new life experience - a proven, guided framework of everything you know you need to finally gain mastery over your mind and live a life of fulfilment, free from debilitating stress and constant worry.

Your future self is waiting to thank you.

When you enrol today, you are saving yourself thousands of dollars and years of wasted energy searching for answers in all the wrong places.

Don’t let another day of indecision pass you by. Click the enrol now button below and begin cultivating a bulletproof mindset and liberating yourself from all that’s holding you back.

My Personal 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

I acknowledge the courage it takes to enrol in a program like this. Not only are you placing your trust in me, you’re already beginning to trust and believe in yourself. And now I want to instil more confidence in you.

If you do this program, take action, and do not find it to be an incredible investment that transforms your mindset as promised, then all you have to do is send me an email and I will issue you a full refund within 30 days.

The results from my students speak for themselves. I stand behind this program 100%.

It’s specifically designed to change your life and mind from the inside out. And while I don’t foresee it happening, if for any reason it doesn’t, then I am only too happy to refund you your money!

Enrol today and commit to a brighter future, a more meaningful life, and a clearer, calmer headspace to live in.