Find Purpose and Meaning

Purpose and meaning have great power and influence on the psychology of each person. It can directly impact the levels of energy you have and the sense of vitality you experience.

For people who struggle with anxiety, depression, or any other emotional disorders, discovering purpose and meaning in their lives can help reduce many of the challenges that come with these conditions.

Signs and Symptoms

Lacking purpose and meaning in your life can have a vast ripple effect on the various aspects of your life. It can impact everything from your job or career, your physical health, your relationships, your emotional resilience and even your income and savings.

People without a sense of purpose tend to experience:

  • anxiety or panic
  • depression
  • despair and a sense of hopelessness
  • frustration and anger at otherwise unimportant circumstances
  • a pessimistic outlook on life
  • jealous and envious behaviour
  • loneliness and social isolation
  • an inability to relate and connect with others
  • blame and criticism of others
  • no desire to exercise or physically move

And some of the physical symptoms of a lack of purpose are:

  • chronic fatigue or low energy
  • low libido or sex drive
  • fluctuating body weight
  • irregular appetite and cravings
  • physical tensions and pains in the neck and back
  • slow physical movement
  • poor posture

The reason people experience a lack of purpose is varied and isn’t always directly related to one single thing. However, it’s something that once revealed, can change your life. Sometimes it’s because you’re not taught to find meaning and purpose in your life. Not knowing how to reveal purpose or that everyone possesses purpose can lead you down a life path that has little meaning to you.

The Potential of Purpose

Either way, bringing purpose to the surface of your mind can and will inspire you to live a full life. It will breathe new life into what you experience. It can bring the colour back into a vision that was once grey. It will energise and vitalise you and your body. It can be the thing that gets you out of bed every morning and gives you the energy to tackle the challenges of your day.

Becoming aware of your purpose and discovering meaning in your life can be the single most valuable thing you do for yourself. And it will most certainly impact the lives of people around you, including your friends, family and loved ones. It can also strengthen your resilience to help you handle a variety of stress and challenge.

People who discover purpose in their lives become inspired to do more than just survive in their lives. They look for ways to contribute to the lives of others, they look for ways to fulfil themselves beyond materialism and they find ways to thrive.

It can be common for people to find it difficult to discover purpose and meaning in their life if they’re suffering with anxiety or depression. The emotional volatility of these disorders makes it difficult for meaning and purpose to be the main focus.

Dealing with and resolving these mental disorders can allow for purpose and meaning to rise to the surface of your mind.

It’s Time To Discover Your Purpose

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