“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its life believing it's stupid.”

– Unknown (Supposedly Einstein)

About The Genius Institute

Everyone is a genius. If you're struggling to believe that, it's not that you don't have what it takes, you just haven't been given the tools and insights to help you understand just how brilliant you are. This wisdom and insight should not be limited to the academics of the world.

So, What Is The Genius Institute?

The Genius Institute is an educational institute founded by Giorgio Genaus, dedicated to helping people awaken a deep sense of meaning and value in life. With programs and services all designed to help people unlock their potential in ways that are inspiring, lasting, and relatable. We aim our offers towards the mission of helping you live a meaningful life in which you get to express your genius in a fulfilling way. After all, isn't that what everyone deserves?

The wisdom from the great minds of the past doesn't have to be limited to the people who seek a degree and certificate.

Bringing The Wisdom Of The Ages To Modern Life

Most personal development teachings were limited to the academics and scholars, or it was oversimplified for the masses. The wisdom from the great minds of our past and present shouldn’t be guarded by the academics.

There are many companies and 'experts' looking to create the next course, program or retreat to sell you as a way to keep their lifestyle and their business growing. Instead, we're focusing on giving you the tools and skills (yes, learnable skills) to develop self-reliance. We do this, so you don't feel the emotional need to keep coming back.

Our view is that this approach is the ultimate form of empowerment, and people deserve that. That way, if you choose to see how far this personal development work can take you in life, you get to do it from a place of choice as opposed to feeling like you need it. On paper, it's not the wisest business model because our intention is to help you develop a strong sense of self-reliance instead of relying on us for the rest of your life. Still, it's the only approach I'm interested in using if it means empowering people like you to live a fulfilling life.

“When I studied the various forms of wisdom from the masters of philosophy, psychology, and mindset, I found that it was difficult to apply to life. This meant I had to overcome the intellectual barriers to understanding what I was studying and then finding ways to integrate it into modern life. Not to mention, some of this wisdom and insight can seem a little dry at times, which can make it easy to overlook the value of this information and how it can impact our lives.”

Giorgio Genaus
Founder of The Genius Institute

Going To The Source

Whether for better or worse, some speakers and influencers regurgitate the wisdom of other brilliant minds without crediting the source. Originality seems to be rare in the world of self-help and personal growth, and we're not interested in claiming other people's wisdom as our own. We value the process of acquiring insight and developing knowledge, so when we share something that came from someone else, we mention them, quote them and point to these references.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Sir Isaac Newton

English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, and author

After all, what they went through to get these insights took a lot of work. We wouldn't want to rob them of the appreciation they deserve.

PS. Sometimes we misappropriate credit where it's due. If it happens, its not intentional and will value anyone pointing us to the originating source for us to give credit where it's due.

The wisdom we have to offer is the result of borrowing the torch from the wise individuals of the past and present. We hope to provide you with the light of their collective torches to help you live a meaningful life. What works for us is what we teach. Anything outside of that is not for us to teach because we can't teach it with certainty.